Our Mission


Our mission is to help you to provide your four-legged family member a healthier, happier, and longer life.

We believe that we can do that with a harmonious relationship between three participants:

The pet owner, who chooses to bring a pet into their life and make it a part of the family.

The pet’s primary care veterinarian, who is looking after the pet, monitoring its health, providing vaccines to prevent illness, and treat it through different sicknesses

When needed, the third part is us, the board-certified veterinary neurology specialists, that can be an extension to this primary care. With our specific education and hands-on experience with more complicated neurological diseases as well as our advanced diagnostic equipment, we are here to help. Further, we believe that education, experience, and fancy equipment is not enough. A big part of our mission is to treat our patients with respect, compassion, and love. Another facet of our mission is to do all that in harmony with the two other parts of this “triad of care” – you and your primary veterinarian. We in Harmony Veterinary Care know that communication, clear explanations, and patience are crucial for our mission to succeed.

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We're focused entirely on the management of neurological conditions of dogs and cats.


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