Get Ready for Your Appointment

Before Your Visit
  • We work closely with your primary veterinarian to help you and your pet and will try to get as much information as we can by obtaining all pertinent records, including lab results and x-rays.
  • If you’ve been seen by more than one practice, please provide their contact information so we have a complete history prior to your visit
  • Please fill out the “New Patient Form” so we can have all the needed information for you and your pet in advance.
How To Prepare For Your Visit
  • Please do not feed your pet after midnight the night prior to appointment.  Water is fine.  If your pet has a specific condition that may be impacted by fasting (diabetes, extremely young animals, other medical concerns), please contact us in advance to discuss.
  • Please be sure to give all medications as instructed by your primary veterinarian, even on the day of the appointment. If you have any questions, please call.
  • Bring all medications your pet is taking (or a list of the medications including name, size, and instructions), even if not related to the current condition we are seeing you for.
  • Allow your pet the opportunity to relieve him/herself prior to leaving your home and/or before you enter the clinic. 
  • Some people find it helpful to write down questions for the doctor prior to the appointment. 
  • Please arrive at your appointment on time. If you are running late or cannot make your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.
What To Expect During Your Visit
  • Most new patient appointments are approximately an hour long.
  • During the appointment your pet will be with you at all times, to feel your love and support!
  • Even with all the information obtained from the records, Dr Levitin will want to hear directly from you about your pet’s condition and will have more questions to discuss with you. 
  • This will be followed by complete physical and neurological exams done by Dr Levitin with you in the room.
  • Dr Levitin will explain his findings, thoughts, and recommendations for further diagnostic tests and/or treatment options available for your pet.
  • Financial estimate for these tests and or treatment plan will be provided and will require your authorization PRIOR to any further tests or procedures.
  • We understand this can be an overwhelming time and there can be a lot to process. Feel free to ask questions. We want you to leave only after Dr Levitin’s explanations are clear.
  • You will receive a detailed visit summary of your appointment to read again at home and to share it with other family members that can be part of the medical decisions for your pet. Therefore, it’s not necessary to take notes during the appointment. If you still have more questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Dr Levitin will send a copy of this summary to your primary veterinarian and will also call to discuss the findings and recommendations with them. Your primary veterinarian knows you and your pet and is an instrumental part in the medical decisions for your pet.

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